Some helpful tips

As I am sure everyone is aware this is totally different compared to smf. But it also has a bunch of cool features that we didn’t have before.

  • Hitting just Categories bring them up like they would display on smf.

  • You can set your email up so you get messaged when a new post has been made, after which you can post right from your email account.

  • In Unread you can get rid of your 3,200+ unread in seconds by purging them all, you also have the option to not follow them again in the same box.

  • You can continue to read different posts while writing a reply to another thread! @sk8rdude461

  • If you go to the user tag in the drop down menu, to the left is a filter for different time periods. So you can search by quarter or even just go back to all time and see who the best is!

If you guys are looking for more info and stuff

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