Someone just sent me this screenshot

anything interesting?

send me all the porn you find

What a fulfilling life that person is leading

[quote=“vortex, post:1, topic:554613”]tell him to make a torrent of it all and make or something similar the tracker, and then upload the torrent here[/quote]yeah, i’m pushing him to upload this shit somewhere so we can get ahold of it. i’m sure he has something useful in that shit pile

i plea the fif scape

A Mega share would be alright too.

thank god it has 3 versions of fifthscape

my server source is in there.

no update, but i pinged him

p.s. he said “Its a couple hundred servers, I need to put aside some time and get rid of people’s passwords lol” -_-

If people’s passwords are in there, they deserve to be shared.

I lold so hard.

Also, was Chezys Auto Talker made by that chezscape guy?


I have the guy added on Facebook. When I asked him to upload this stuff, he seemed so preoccupied with his life that he couldn’t pull his external hard drive out to get the data off of it. He was complaining about the upload speeds, so I suggested he take his data to a local university or perhaps torrent the archive. Another concern he has is that there are passwords scattered throughout, so he’s got this preconceived notion that by uploading the data he’s putting peoples’ emails at risk.

I’ll ping him on Facebook right now though.

deltree scape.*

whats happening?

“Ah, no update on it sorry, My internet just isn’t suitable”