whats some cool games to dl im new

tf2 is best

Dead by Daylight
CounterStrike: Global Offensive
Arma 3
Audiosurf 2
Ori & the blind forest
Dying Light

What are you specifically looking for??

Just games to play. Online/offline. I’ll try any genre really. Just

Already got dota2 and tf2 and so far am having fun just never really Played that many titles

Check out the Dragon Age Series

Oh and don’t forget GTA V

sadly i dont believe i can run gta and afraid to drop $60 to test it.

i sold my old sp3 for the smaller size to save a couple hundred bucks bc i was in a rough situation. so now im running with the standard 64gb i3/i5? not sure which one.

but i am in the need of games with offline play enabled as i travel around a lot and not always have networks available.

also if theres any games anyone knows of that supports local multiplayers with the xbox wireless adapter? it says it supports up to 8 controllers so if i can find something i can play with my girlfriend or friends that’d be cool too.

but again, not worried about genres too much- just looking for things to pass time every now and then

all u need is tf2

Elder scrolls skyrim
Garry’s mod

Just some of them i still play.

if you’re ever worried about whether or not you can run games.