The official "let's actually vote people here" thread

For those who have no clue who I am. I am the elve age. Hello.

Now that that’s cleared up, we should look into actually voting members here.

I could list off some neanderthals

• Krackkid
Tabbykiller mod
• Jmood
• dylan_0789
• Moparisthebest


Whackatre too?

I hope you’re kidding

While I do think that it’s been a while since somebody was voted in, I don’t necessarily agree with anybody on that list.

i’d vote Whackatre over anyone in that list.

[quote=“Ruby, post:3, topic:537158”][quote author=sinisoul link=topic=655971.msg4390393#msg4390393 date=1387272064]
Whackatre too?

I hope you’re kidding[/quote]

See. No I wasn’t joking.

I don’t mind justin but he’s far too much of a troll and just copies the people who are accepted in a place to get himself accepted too. Not the kind of person to be in here IMO. I don’t agree with any of those guys up there either, for the record.

lol what have any of the people aside of mitb done???

Eh. We all troll to a certain extent.

I don’t understand the point of this section if nobody posts.