This forum is so weird to navigate

It really is. I have to post at least 20 characters.

It’s quite a bit different, I think better though once you get used to it. I need to clean up all of the old categories I just haven’t gotten that far yet.

Of course I’m open to any suggestions! :slight_smile:

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Why’d you decide to go with this? I’ve never even seen this software before nor heard of it; unless it’s something that looks different to what I’m used to seeing from a known software.

Anyway, it’s going to take some time getting used to - that’s for sure. It’s something different at least, considering for how long we’ve been asking for "different’… :neutral_face:

I like it to be honest, but then that’s because I browsed the old forum the same way as this one works anyway (ie. only ever used ‘new posts’, never navigated the categories).


And I am going to clean up the mess that is our categories, in the end I just want a handful.

Honestly I liked the old theme way better since I could navigate it. There’s WAY too much white/blank areas in this theme.

It’s taking a little getting used to, but it actually seems quite nice. It’ll be much easier to navigate once the old boards get cleaned up.

rip moparscape theme :frowning:

As a suggestion, unless I’m missing it, a way to ‘subscribe’ to certain categories would be nice. That way you can prioritize which ones you see new content from first.

You can subscribe to categories, take for example:

Then you click the circle in the top-right, and choose when you want to receive emails about that category.

Is that what you meant?

I meant more of a way to prioritize categories so that it would show the ones you’re subscribed to before any other ones. I see now that you can display categories like you could on the old forums, which is what I was missing. I was just viewing it through the ‘Latest’ tab.

Ah yea, and I could set that as the default view, but I think this one might be better with latest topics up top?

Is there an option for each individual member to change how the default view is for them? I’m sure you’re going to have people that prefer both ways.

It definitely takes some getting used to. In some ways it feels a little… cluttered?
At least it has some good stuff like auto refreshing topics, so at least it feels modern!

I like it. It’s a paradigm shift, but it works. I think it also helps make ongoing topics more visible to users.

It’s also nice to finally have a mobile-friendly user interface.

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It even gives you the option for desktop notifications!!

It’s sort of weird how at the bottom of threads, it gives “suggested topics” but they are all extremely old threads created by myself. Why doesnt it give suggested topics based on keywords of current thread/topic. Why would it only suggest topics that the viewer has created, lol.

Also user profiles are sort of weird, i dont want my 2006 posts on main page of my profile >.>

I think a fresh start to the forums would be nice the import has made it rather awkward to navigate.

I love my “suggested topics”, reminds of all the gr8 stuff I have posted :slight_smile:

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Ya boy is back. What’s new people?