This forum is so weird to navigate


Honestly not a fan of this software. Imgur uses it for their community and I tried it there… Didn’t stay.

One of my biggest complaints is the navigation. I liked how other softwares split the categories, but this one clumps it all together unless you change the view at the top.

At the least the category colors could be changed so people can tell what post is where :l


I wouldn’t say it’s hard to navigate just the problem of having 1m category’s when only a few are used. My only problem so far is the loading time is much slower compared to smf.


I think the strangest part of this software is that you can leave the post and go to a different board and still reply.


I think once mitb changes the boards/categories it will be easier to navigate. We’ve got a ton of 'em right now.


I am sure once @moparisthebest gets rid of half the category’s things will
be much easier to fine. Just found out you can reply via email too.


After 4 years somehow managed to stumble on moparscape again and it got taken over by someone who then promptly abandoned it, certainly a bit strange…

As for the lay-out, I suppose you could get used to it but it is a bit unconventional.


If you hit just categories it will displays them like smf would.


I am already used to newer styles.

Also nodebb would have been a good choice too :smiley:


Ah yep nodebb is the other one I considered, its nice looking too and a bit more conventuonal, but, javascript… :slight_smile:


Lol I looked that up, no thanks. I think that would have been even worse.


I don’t know if it’s a glitch or I just don’t see how to do it, but I can only read so many posts on this topic.


Javascript loads it as you scroll, did you lose connection or something? Maybe try refreshing? What browser?



Twenty character limit.


It’s on chrome, refreshing doesn’t do anything. If I click the part that shows new messages only, I can see them all.

Edit: It works for some reason now. It wasn’t yesterday, Idk why. 10/10


I was working on the server to import old passwords and such, maybe it was when it was restarting or something, we’ll just pretend it didn’t happen for not :expressionless: :stuck_out_tongue:


this is aids af to navigate


After a couple of days of browsing, I can say this software is painful.

It’s handy if you like to browse forums by latest posts, which I do for forums that aren’t so busy, otherwise I’m just flat out not used to some behaviours, such as:

  • It’s currently showing unread old posts for me although I’ve read every post in the thread
  • It doesn’t load new posts on scroll. When I reach the bottom of this thread, the latest post isn’t displayed and I have to click on the date/timeline thingo on the right to jump to the latest shit…hard to know where you are/what page you’re on, in a thread.

Also I wasn’t too keen on the fact I’m receiving e-mail about the site when I hadn’t actually “activated” (reset password) my account yet…


yep agree with sk8er


I also have the same 2 issues, with unread posts and scrolling too. I know MITB is aware of the unread posts issue.

Give it time though, this isn’t a permanent problem.


Good to know - I’m unfamiliar with the platform so don’t know what is a feature and what is a bug :’)