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i have my server up and running i just need help with the npc’s the one at spawn how to change the words it says
Just search it in your source. My best bet would be combatassistant? I don’t know xD[/quote]

Controlpanel – There is option to change name of server.


Going to use 100% Gonna add my Custom New RS Dragon (or),Torva,Virtus,Pernix on here tell me if you want them Ill release.I released them on Rune-Server(Torva,Virtus,Pernix not my releases I got em Ill release Virtus soon)


You’re kidding right? This base is full of bugs, glitches and dupes… So don’t say 100% before you know it… ++ there is also alot customs like nex armour


thats easy shit and I already released a ver of trisidiax v2 with all that shit in it all you did was steal teh models and replace em…


can you please help me. I’m trying to open the client using run, but it tells me:
the system cannot find the path specified.
your jdk is working perfectly fine. - trisidia

then it opens up a “please select an option: popout client or webclient”

I click on the popout client and it tells me that it will launch, but nothing happens. No client pops up or anything. please help


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Just search it in your source. My best bet would be combatassistant? I don’t know xD

Controlpanel – There is option to change name of server.[/quote]

lul, shouting npcs is in npchandler class


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Controlpanel – There is option to change name of server.

lul, shouting npcs is in npchandler class[/quote]

I see you haven’t even checked out this base…


Cache wont load for me


Very great work.


Very nice.

Sad to see that this is your final release, though keep up the coding, me and my freind may need it here soon.


[quote=“Ownster, post:200, topic:473155”]My lord what the hell is this garbage.

No, don’t go up I revision or anything stay at 317 pi the worse source ever and add tons of shitty ass customs.[/quote]
Respect for u sir.


Love this release so much btw its me Kingclawz I remember you from RsClient.


any one help if any of you could help me add bank tabs and full screen we would be a great team togethar!!


guys do not download it… Its contains “TrendMicro-HouseCall TROJ_GEN.FCBHZIK 20130221” !!!


stfu It has no virus in it


Kid do the virus scan before talking trash?


There is no virus in it dumbass Kid I scan all my servers before download your a dumbass get off this site newborn


Great Source, Great Release.


My brother sent me the client and when i try to log on it say error connecting to server we’ve changed all the ip’s to the ones we need any ideas?


Great release, The bank all still laggs you out and the button that takes you back to your spellbook dc’s you completely.