Hello Mopar Orc here, presenting you WarbandZ! There was no other suitable place for me to post this on the forums except for here.
What is WarbandZ? WarbandZ is a custom coded minecraft server soon to come out, being coded on the Sponge API.
The story behind WarbandZ
[WarbandZ] is basically an MMORTS in Minecraft in which players start off as lone nomads coming from far forgotten lands hidden behind the midst of the Bad Seas. You arrive in [Spawn Town Name], you have never seen anything like it; you don’t speak the same
language as others but that does not stop you. The game’s back story now allows the player(s) to choose 3 paths, Empire, City-State, or Horde. Making an Empire is your standard version of the game that allows you to go far beyond your technologies and through the ages to victory; a City-State is for casual players who like to make a large beautiful town and don’t really enjoy PvP but you cannot partake in any victory as a lone City State. The Horde or The Barbarian Horde, is similar to an empire but you are at war with everybody everyone is at war with you, you have stronger troops and war is much cheaper for you but your technology is limited and you can only win through conquest.
We are in need of people to fill the following positions:
5 Moderators (Currently have 4)
Requires you to become apart of Obelisk Gaming Staff
3 Security Officers
Requires you to become apart of Obelisk Gaming Staff
3 Wiki Developers
Requires you to become apart of Obelisk Gaming Staff
3-5 Builders
Medieval Style Builds(Currently have 3)
5 or more Coders (Currently have 3)
Preferably Java
1 Resource Pack Artist/Customizer
What does each job do?

The Security Manager is the torso, you are the top head of security, you would watch over any sabotage of the Wiki/Server, Admin/Mod abuse, and share the same job’s as a Security Officer.

The Security Officers are the fists, they are a server-side position is which you would protect the server from exploiters, DDoS threats, and rule-breaking.

The Moderators are the eyes, they would help players on the server with any questions they may have, as well as kicking/temp muting any rule-breakers. This position requires you to know/learn about all the aspects of CivCraft. (Have no fear if you don’t know, ask a question and I will teach you)

The Wiki Developers are the brain, they must be ethical, dedicated, organized, competent, and creative. Without them the players would be lost and confused.

The Builders are the legs, they must be innovative, organized, and must be superb in their builds. You give the server it’s beauty as well as creating an economy for the server. (I’ll explain in greater detail if you’re hired)

The Coders are the heart, they must be dedicated, thorough, and excellent at their job. Without them the server would never progress and die.

  • What will you contribute to the team?
  • Why do you want to join?
  • Past experience with staffing?
  • Any special skills? (Coder, Builder, Etc)
  • Tell me a little about yourself.
  • Do you plan to be permanent in our staff?
  • Questions?
    Helpful Links:
    https://www.reddit.com/r/warbandz <— Our reddit
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ38OuWgF04 <— Teaser Trailer!
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I wanna tnt the shit out of your server :expressionless: :palm: