Seems like a nice young buffalo, should be a nice addition to the all-worthy Veterans of MoparScape.


Of course it’s a fucking no all he does is troll. Everyone here troll’s but he’s a complete bellend about it. Absolutely no.

Why? All I’ve seen from him is a self-entitled, obnoxious pseudo-elitist who hangs around the big boys and begs for ranks and titles, and then when denied starts a relentless crusade of whining.

I said yes. I haven’t seen him as a detriment to the community (although I rarely check most of the boards) and he is willing to learn/has much to offer. He’s pretty knowledgeable although I’m not sure what really is a factor of skill I could reference to give my post validation.

Hes got a yes from me, quite intelligent and a touch of assholism like the rest of the mopar elite.

I’m just posting to say I saw this thread but that I’m not going to vote since I hardly know who he is and I shouldn’t be judging anyone based on their programming skills or how helpful they may or may not be.

No losers please. Any sense of entitlement, undesirable as it may be, should be born out of having done something. The worst thing in the world is people who have high self-esteem and no justification for that being the case.

almost voted yes just because of this comment

This is justin_ on IRC right?