What's going on?

So what’s going on with the rank, I see that it was removed (the title, and color [could care less about the color and title but my point is…]) is the MSCP rank soon being removed because of confusion or what?

I’m pretty sure the Admins realize that this was a useless title without clear guidelines about who would get it.

The rank isn’t being removed, and there was no colour. The rank is just hidden and for discussion purposes until it can be completed completely on a technical side, and I would like to discuss a few things with the staff about it.

I only noticed this the other day, but i saw no point to mentioning it. I thought i was just being a bad community member, but then i saw i still had access to this board and got a little confused.

By all means, I could care less for both the color and title but was wondering as I understood there was indeed a lot of “fowl play” about the rank when it was created and before it was. I was thinking it was getting ready to be removed until as Amy said, “I saw the board”. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know Tom.


July 22, 2013, 05:09:50 pm

This is the last reply someone has made on this thread/board. So what is up with things going on with this board now? I’m more than curious now. I haven’t really thought about it until now to be honest.

So want to post an update? :slight_smile: