Where to find runescape sources?

Questions about RSPS coding

RSPS Coding

Trying to understand the basics

Clients & Source

Back when I used to have my own Dodian with a peak of 10 players,
Servers and clients were easy to find, the links were new and they weren't all outdated, so I have a couple of questions.

Where can people find updated Links for Clients and Sources

Let's say you have a benchmark for a server, you know what revision you want, you want it to be functional
Where would you go?

You have errors?

When coding, if you're like me, sometimes you're not always paying the most attention or paying to much attention and can't figure a problem out.
What resources are there to help people out?

Learning to code

When learning to code, there's no real good foundation to start on, I know that and have been told that.
But I was wondering if there were any threads that you recommend that people look into if they are interested

I can’t answer all your questions. But I can answer your questions about how to learn to code and solve problems.

To learn how to code, you can always start with the official Java tutorials, which you can find here, assuming it’s Java you want to learn.

Your problem solving skills naturally follow with your coding skills. So there’s not much more to it than that.

You’ll find some private servers, for a variety of games, on Github. You might also find some on Bitbucket.

There’s a plethora of language-learning material out there that is up-to-date and easy to find. It’s just that this content is not within the context of Runescape private server development, which is actually extremely niche now (not a lot of it is happening, at least publicly, as it used to years ago).

We can change that…