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[CENTER][size=3]XenonScape is a growing 718 rsps that’s been under development for months with daily updates keeping the server up to date and players happy! Xenon is perfect for players looking for a friendly, active community who enjoy PvMing and Skilling. We offer all 25 working skills, 4 different xp modes, multiple bosses including Nex and Vorago, and much more![/CENTER]

[SPOILER=Xenon Features]

[ul][]Very Active Staff, Daily Updates
]High-Def Graphics w/ Min, Low, Med, High and Custom Set-Up Options, as well as Fixed, Resizeable and Full-Screen Screen Sizes
[]Male & Female Character Models
]Four XP Modes: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme
[]Different Drop Rates (Scales w/ Chosen XP Mode)
]Iron Man Mode
[]Dominion Tower
]Custom Items and Bosses that drop T90 Armor and Weapons
[]Nex Drops including Torva, Pernix and Virtus (Nex’s stages will be fixed soon)
]Loyalty and Vote Point Systems w/ Shops (Includes XP Lamps, Mystery Boxes and Auras!)
* Clue Scrolls
[]Crystal Chest (Not OP)
]Working Mastery (Lvl 120) Skillcapes
[]Unlockable Lodestones
]Bonfires (Firemaking)
]Ability to make Godswords, Armadyl Battlestaff, Dragonfire Shields, and More
[]Bank w/ Tabs
]Living Rock Caverns
[*]Changeable Task Tab (Teleports, Player Information)[/ul]





[ul][]Dagannoth Kings Added
]Rise of the Six Added
[]Fight Caves Are a Pre-Req to Fight Kiln
]Removed Donator Shop
[]Repair Stand @ Home
]Several Shops Repriced, Stock Fixed
[]Thieving No Longer Damages
]Spelling Fixes
[*]Teleport Fixes[/ul]