Xerx3s possibly

Does anyone remember Xerx3s? I was on reddit the other day and I somehow got linked to this article that spiked my interest.


Does his account still exist on moparscape or mitb? I tried finding it but I couldn’t…

Also – Hello old friends! :slight_smile:

Wow, the rs hacking scene made it onto krebs. iirc he was banned a few times, dunno what the final outcome was though.

I think (on IRC) we decided it probably wasn’t him, since he always went by xerxes and never xerx3s. On the other hand how many xerxes were there involved in rs cheating? Who knows? :slight_smile:

It sounds like xerx3s was only the alias used on abusewith.us – And the article doesn’t really imply much to do with rs cheating, hacked accounts/sites/and selling gold. Our xerxes wasn’t the most honourable guy but I don’t think he was known for that stuff really.