RSClassicKBD v11.9
You need Java & WinRAR

XP Rate 32x
Wilderness 1.5x
Weekends 2x
Elite Member 2x
Max Stat 150
All Skills Batched
New Players start with full starter gear!

Elite Members get double stackable loot
Level 99 Guilds for all skills

Bronze - Titanium Scythes and other custom rares.

Gambler NPC & Clan Chat System

Mining & Smithing
Dragon, Khorium, Platinum and Titanium Ore, Bar and Armour.

Woodcut & Fletching
Magic, Mystic, Cork, Boojum, Gum, and Twisted Logs and Bows.

Fishing & Cooking
Shark, Manta Ray, Sea Turtle, Lava Eel, Pirahnas, Angelfish, Pufferfish, Dragonshark.
Ashes, Big Bones, Dragon Bones, Magic Bones, Frost Dragon Bones, K’ril Bones.
Dragonhide, Cloth, Dragonstone, Opal, Topaz, Jade, Onyx

Woodworking Potion, Saradomin Brew, Super Prayer, Ultimate Attack, Strength, Defense, Ultimate Zamorak Potion.

Wilderness and Non-Wilderness locations
Wilderness Ancient Altars level 115+ for double runes and Exp.
Thieving Chests
Vial, Runes, Dragonhide, Arrowhead & Arrows, Fletching, Fish, Ore, Logs, Gems, Ingredients, Klanks, Shark, Bar, Potions, Bones, God Token Chests
Magic Spellbook
Magic Chef, Supersmith Item, Super Alchemy, Bones to Piranas!, and Charge Prayer
Dark Runes - Combat Spells up to a strength 30 attack

Imp Hunting
Coloured imps wonder the map, they are hard to find.

God Dungeons
Gods drop God Tokens, Sword, Gloves, Boots and Amulet
Frost Dungeon
Frost Dragons and Frost Demons
Tormented Dungeon
Tormented Demons and Steel Demons
Phat and Mask
These can drop Phat or Mask!
and many other bosses! Forums
Complete Holiday event schedule thread. present - Feb 2016

An actively updated Wiki including content for all skills, also accessible with ::fishing, ::herblaw, etc. in game commands

Extensive Landscape Additions

Try today

Client 11.9 Released
Equip Menu - Weldable items now transfer to the equip tab when you wear them.
Slayer skill - There is no task master, to start the slayer skill, open your quests tab and hit start!

Client 11.8 Released

New Sub Island - Only Elite Members can get to Sub island. (Access via Global portal)
New NPC KBD Monk - can Heal you and has 1/100 chance drop Black Apron
New F2P and P2P only Wilderness PK zones
New Event island: pre-made Skilling Event locations for most skills.
New Boss Plate Sprite
changed rare item tokens and vendors into Scythe tokens and vendors
Added disk of the abyss
Added Rare Marketplace Magnet
Added many rune and dragon items into armour and weapon shops
Changed names of copper-runite rocks
Changed colour of dragon-tit rocks
fixed typo on the herblaw xp pack
fixed typo on all amulets
Fixed DWT Objects
Fixed Bandos Gloves animation
Fixed Guard animation
Fixed Spears animations (bronze-rune)
Fixed santa top and pants names
Fixed santa pants animations
NPC drops changed on some animal NPCs
Changed basevalues on most rares
Changed basevalues on most runes and arrows
Changed basevalue on Enchanted onyx amulet
Added starter gear to a shop in edgeville
Rare Item Shop
New Currency: Rare Item Tokens
New Rare Item Merchant Shops

Client 11.7 release

-Fixed a couple of Castle Glitches
-Edited combat system
Bronze-Rune values are restored to RSC.
Requirements added to Ultimate Potions.
-Added bank all from inventory to banks
-Fixed stall thieving all together
-Added Wilderness changeable types (F2P, P2P, KBD)

Client 11.6 Release

Object and NPC additions

  • Oceans Landing (City southwest of Shilo Village)
  • Boss Island

Various shop fixes.
Fixed base price on shark or higher fish and fish certs for alchemy (Not Cooked Dragonshark Cert)
Fixed Magic Wolves spawns in Lava Guild Dungeon

New Quick Smelting added
Talk to the Quick Smelter NPC (Currently in Edgeville)
You are able to smelt all ores at once for half exp.
It also costs GP around high alch value of each bar produced this way.

Client 11.5 Released

  • Combat bugs fixed.
  • New buy x and sell X feature in stores
  • New deposit and withdraw X feature in bank
  • New offer x feature in trade and stake

Client 11.4 Released

General Bug Fixes

  • Disconnect and client crashes fix.
  • Sub Vendor fix.
  • King of the hill fix.


  • New event commands for staff and players
  • New drop island commands for staff and players


  • Equipment Status within the stats bar has been moved to the combat tab.
  • Ranged bonus value is visible again


Client 11.3 Released.
Sprites Update including:
Staffs that have orbs in the inventory are now visible in hand(Fire Staff is a Red Orb).
Kite shields now have their own sprite (not shared with SQ anymore)
Gloves have been remade white so their colors show.
Boss Helmet has a new sprite (in Beta)
Dragonhide and leather chest sprite has been replaced.
New Santa Hat, Eye Patch and Gas Mask colors

Client 11.2
AFK/Idle Timer has changed from 2 Hours to 1 Hour.

Exp Packs can now be exchanged in your inventory. (No more traveling to Boss City to Exchange.)

[size=13]New Quests[/size]:
KBD Tutorial
Start: South of Edgeville Bank
Black Knights Fortress
Start: Falador Castle

Landscape added to West side of the map for future content.
Landscape Addition and Object Addtion Far West Map

Bandos Portal Teleport fixed.
Guthix Portal Teleport fixed.

Edgeville objects fixed.

Client v11.1 Released
Online Time Rewards:
Every 2 hours spent online you receive a random XP Pack
Every 24 hours spent online you receive a better reward

Skill Total Rewards:
2700 Total - Flashy Phat
2675 Total - Flashy Cape
2650 Total - Flashy Boots
2625 Total - Flashy Gloves

NPC Changes / Balance:
Buffed in Stats and Nerfed in Drops:
Ice Spider
Jungle Demon
Magic Demon
Black Demon
Gnome Demon

Client v 11 Released

::advertise link updated

Master Certer added to Edgeville - Certs everything

Magical Pool added to Edgeville - Teleports to
Cities, Wilderness Cities, God Dungeons, 99 Skill Portals and Boss City
Requirements to enter still are the same.

You can now Mix your used potions. 2 and 1 doses make a 3 dose etc.

Added Hotkeys for Magic and Prayer
Hotkeys are F2, F3, F4, and F5 for Magic
Hotkeys are F5, F6, F7, F8 and F9 for Prayer
You can bind your keys by using the command
::f5 ID
::f5 16 would bind Tele grab to F5

Magic and Prayer IDs can now be found on the Wiki , or ::prayer in game , or ::magic in game

f10 is now Info menu

Cleaned up Landscape and objects around the map
Added missing wilderness ladders, enabling new areas.

Client 10.9 Release

New NPC:
Ranged Target.
This NPC has high attack, strength and defense, but Low Hits.
Made for Ranged XP.
Locations: Boss City, and Ranging Guild.

Ranged Guild Added
Requires 120 Ranged to enter.
There is a lever across from guthix lever.

  • 2 Ranged Shops
  • 3 Wine of Zamorak spawns
  • Rangable NPCS
    Gold Dragon
    Rune Dragon
    2 Frost Dragons
    2 Green Dragons
    2 Ranged Targets
    2 Mithril Dragons
    Tormented Demon

Added exits to all 99 skilling portals
Zamorak and Portal room ladders fixed.

Slight nerf on armours

Combat System for PVP
New Max hit added for PVP from around 85 to around 66.
You can still hit around 85 on Monsters.

Iron Axe Sprite Fixed
Controlled Exp fixed
Kolodion now teleports you to Mage Arena for Godspells.

Client 10.8 released

New Sprites for items.

PK Token Shop

Shop accepts only PK Tokens
Price in PK Tokens.
Titanium Bar 530
Titanium Bar Cert 2650
Muddy Rogues Purse 1766
Muddy Volencia Moss 353
Dragonshark Cert 35
Muddy Death Rose Cert 14
Muddy Fools Weed Cert 35
Muddy God Lily Cert 35
Muddy Rune Poppy Cert 35
Muddy Dragon Lotus Cert 70
Magic Bones Cert 28
Kril Bones Cert 53
Twisted Log Cert 35
Uncut Onyx 70
Legendary Pk Axe 176666


Client 10.7 release

Sprites for Boss XP Packs Updated.

New ongoing mini game - King of the Castle

Income: 3600 PK tokens per hour spent as King of the Castle.

Requires 10M Coins
::enterking will skull you, and teleport you to the middle of castle.
If you kill another player you get their 10m, armour and receive PK points for time spent as the king of the castle.

You cannot range or mage through the walls of the castle
There is an npc that teleports you from inside the castle to outside

Once in edgeville you can receive the PK tokens you’ve earned from Pk Token Exchanger

Subscription Vendor
Located in edgeville, the sub vendor accepts sub cards to make your account elite member, or to reduce a combat stat from level 60 or less, to 1.

Client 10.6
Making Spears
Spearsheads are now smithable with bars
Takes 3 bars.
Spear shafts can be made with gum or twisted logs.

Includes new prayers
From level 40+ prayer.

New Shop: Boss xp packs
You can’t get str att def hits Xp.
10 tokens give a xp card withs give 1M xp

Boss amour can be bought with tokens to
Between 200-500 for 1 piece

Client 10.5
new city and island for Mega Bosses.

-Fixed ::teleport city
-Fixed ::global for all mods/staff
-Rune med armor value fixed
-Added God Token Shop
-Removed God Token Vendors
-Added 3 new Mega Bosses (Paralyze monster doesn’t work):

  • General Graardor (lvl 7723) - 30,000 hits
  • Nex (lvl 5223) - 20,000 hits
  • Araxxor (lvl 2723) - 10,000 hits

    -Added Boss Token Skill Shop Packs for Skilling Items

    -Added Boss Token Armour Shop

    -Added new Boss armor and sword (Lime Green - Can Change)
    -Changed lvl 3 Dungeon lever in edge to teleport to boss city
    -Added Maggie (new teleporter) in boss city
    -Added Maggie on boss island
  • Added boss token drops for Mega Bosses
  • All gods now have upped Defense and Attack, no paralyze, added boss token drops

Here is a Brief Guide to the new Bosses.

In order to get to the bosses you will have to enter the dungeon underneath the graveyard in Edgeville. After doing so you will find a lever on the West wall which you pull to get into the next dungeon. Keep following the levers until you reach Boss City. (You will NEED hits level of at least 80 and prayer level of at least 60)

After entering Boss City you can explore. To the East there is a Boss Token Skill Pack Shop. This sells skill and pk packs that contain approximately half the items that you would get in the same Sub Pack. To the South you will find both a Boss Token Armour Shop as well as and Boss Token Skill Pack Certer. The armour shops sells the new Boss Armour and Sword for Boss Tokens while the Certer trades in your new packs for the corresponding certs for each pack.

All the way to the North there are two bankers and right in the middle of the city you will find Maggie who will teleport you to the Boss Island where you can find the bosses.

Currently all Boss Armour and Sword is equal in bonuses to Titanium, however this will be changed so that the Boss items give you an advantage while fighting the bosses in the near future.

WARNING: Bosses are extremely difficult to fight. Please note that they will hit you through your full Titanium armour and that you are not able to use Paralyze Monster against them. I suggest teaming up with some fellow players to try to take them on. Take turns fight the Boss while you use other accounts to range. The items in the shops are just our preliminary thoughts of what is best but the prices and items are subject to change. All bosses have the same combat stats and it is just the hits level that varies among them. If you have the time, don’t be afraid to take on General Graardor.

Currently all bosses only drop Boss Tokens. The higher the level of the boss, the more tokens you have a chance to get. Start collecting your Boss Tokens as soon as you can so that you can buy whatever might be added later.

Client 10.4


::mute “player” (minutes)
::unmute - fixed

Ignore system

  • Ignore now saves on logout
  • Ignore now blocks chat, ::say, PMs

Skilling Event Islands
Boss Locations
Wilderness Mining Fence

Client 10.3 Released.
All Skills Batched
Added Rank Colors
Added High level Wilderness Mine, east of Dragon House
Fixed Gambler (100k and 1m options now work)

Gambler NPC:
Options are 100k, 1M or 10M
Higher options are better chances.

Client 10.2 released.
Added 1 extra bank page
Added Command ::xprate command - Tells you the servers xp rate (32 normal, 64 double)
Deep wilderness landscape update
Implemented Elf’s hat, Reindeer ears, Santa top, Santa bottoms and candy cane

Wilderness bosses Fenced
Fixed wine
30 second timer on rings to tele into wild after combat
60 second timer on fury ammy to tele into wild after combat
Rare Item Token Shop
Rare item token

Scythe Shop NPC (Accepts Rare Item Token)
Bronze Scythe
Iron Scythe
Steel Scythe
Black Scythe
Mithril Scythe
Adamantite Scythe
Runite Scythe
Dragon Scythe
Khorium Scythe
Platinum Scythe
Titanium Scythe

Batched Skilling:

Level 1 - 59: Make/Clean 1 potioin/herb
Level 60 - 99: Make/Clean 2 potioin/herb
Level 100 - 139: Make/Clean 3 potioin/herb
Level 140+: Make/Clean 4 potioin/herb
All Empty vials from inventory are filled when used on a water source
Logs & Bow Strings - Every 30 levels allows you to cut an extra log (ex: level 125 - 5 Logs)
Arrows & Shafts - Every 20 levels allows you to attach 10 more (ex: level 85 - 50 arrows)
Level 1 - 39: Cook 1 item
Level 40 - 64: Cook 2 items
Level 65 - 89: Cook 3 items
Level 90 - 114: Cook 4 items
Level 115 - 139: Cook 5 items
Level 140+: Cook 6 items
Stringing Amulets - Every 20 levels allows you to string 1 more (ex: level 85 - 5 strung ammies)
Level 1 - 39: Cut 1 Gem or Make 1 Amulet/ring/necklace
Level 40 - 59: Cut 2 Gems or makes 2 Amulets/ring/necklace
Level 60 - 79: Cut 3 Gems or makes 3 Amulet/ring/necklacev
Level 80 - 99: Cut 4 Gems or makes 4 Amulets/ring/necklace
Level 100 - 119: Cut 5 Gems or makes 5 Amulets/ring/necklace
Level 120 - 139: Cut 6 Gems or makes 6 Amulets/ring/necklace
Level 140+: Cut 7 Gems or makes 7 Amulets/ring/necklace
Level 1 - 39: Runecraft 1 essence
Level 40 - 64: Runecraft 2 essence
Level 65 - 89: Runecraft 3 essence
Level 90 - 114: Runecraft 4 essence
Level 115 - 139: Runecraft 5 essence
Level 140+: Runecraft 6 essence

why you wasting your time brown

Great banner. This server has a lot of potential.

Thanks lol.
Its fun and I’m just learning.

cant fault you for learning brah

is that really an AKH program that just types in like ::coords xxx xxx???

[quote=“xEnt, post:6, topic:463992”]is that really an AKH program that just types in like ::coords xxx xxx???[/quote]ROFL it looks like it.

Projectrsc doesn’t have this feature? That’s why we don’t play it.

yeah the ahk just types commands for you. :smiley:

I would change your banner graphics so it has RSC and not RS2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, this looks nice.

Thanks for the advice, banner changed. :slight_smile:
Thanks stealmojo

Cool mortal kombat logo @ your websites favicon.

nice work :smiley:

page updated
XP Rate 2x. Subsribers 4x


Fat update with runecrafting. full server wipe. xp rate 6x

if travis plays this, you should just ban him now to save your server

Fun Server. Admin/Owner is on everyday and listens to players for updates. Come play!

If you play Xazer and you say it is good, I will join soon brotha.