What if we ACTUALLY rebuilt Runescape from scratch?

Hello Everyone!

RSPS has a lot of problems, that doesn’t even need to be said… Even in the elite crowd there are problems… But why is that? Well, as with anyone who wants to make a RSPS they start with the server, and design it around the client. But what if we designed both the server and the client in parallel from absolute scratch?

This is what I’ve been experimenting with in my free time over the last week. For the Client I’ve been using Unity3d, and for the Models i’ve been using Blender (don’t make fun of my palm trees).

I am curious if anyone has tried this route, and what success they have had with it. I have attached my progress. (NOTE: I have little to no intention of finishing this project, but did want to present the idea)

[size=18pt]Login Preview:[/size]

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[size=18pt]Game Play Preview[/size]

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Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jtzvjh

well we’d have rsc

Wouldn’t it be better to make a new game, and not copy RS when you first are making something from scratch?

I agree with Bowser, if we have the potential to create a MORPG it should be something original, not only for copyright reasons but it also would bring different people into the community besides just the ones that have played RS before like we have now

somebody was redoing the entire client in c++ at one time. I don’t know what happened with it.

Are you sure you’re not referring to zilent doing the RSC client?

A bit more distant, but someone did build a FPS using the RS client as well. I think peterbjornx was part of that development crew.

[quote=“Taharok, post:7, topic:446998”]A bit more distant, but someone did build a FPS using the RS client as well. I think peterbjornx was part of that development crew.[/quote]Actually its done by one person, Harry

Didn’t bakatool rewrite the client in c++ or was that just a server?

iirc that was a server

I did some work on a clean client some 9 years ago, might be interesting to continue work on

I had the idea to make a text-based client and call it something like RuneScape 0. It would be like NetHack, and quite frankly I can’t see any reason why it’s not doable. Porting it to mobile platforms would also be really easy and with nothing graphical to process, the performance requirements would be quite low. Whether or not anyone would actually use it though is another story.


I like this idea

Jesus H fucking christ that was 9 years ago?

ITT: We all realise we’re getting old.

far too old

I feel like 19 is pretty young.

says the 19 yo

almost 30 years old and still hanging out on moparscape :slight_smile:

How are the grandkids?